MathSpring is an online math tutor, which helps students become better prepared for
standardized testing mathematics by better understanding the material. The system adapts to
students, giving them problems which are a bit challenging, but not out of reach, and includes
various ways of guiding students through the problem to find the correct answer. Students can
ask for hints on the specific problem, videos that explain the core concepts needed to solve the
problem, or worked examples that show how to solve a similar problem. The teacher can also
choose to turn on “learning companions;” cartoon characters who will encourage students’ effort
and remind them that it is okay to ask for help when they are stuck.

You can give MathSpring a try at

MathSpring, the new HTML version of the older Wayang Outpost, is adaptive personalized multimedia learning software that addresses cognitive, metacognitive and affective perspectives of student learning, spanning math Common-Core aligned curriculum from grades 6 through 10, with the possibility of going back to earlier grades material.


Created with the Center for Knowledge Communication at UMass Amherst, MathSpring is a vivid attempt to encourage a growth mindset towards mathematics, as can be seen in these videos.

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