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Advanced Learning Labs

Salisbury Labs (SL 112)


Eduactional Psychology 

Salisbury Labs (SL 133)

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Embodied Games




Active Physical Learning

We investigate how children can learn mathematics while exploring the physical space, getting a different understanding of math learning by gesturing, and using technology to guide them through 3D spaces.

Educational Games

We investigate how Games and Game-Like Elements can promote learning and motivation, and afford a better relationship to STEM.

Open-Tutor Platforms

We are making Tutoring Systems and Learning Environments connect with each other through Application Protocol Interfaces (APIs). MathBuds is the result of making the ASSISTments and MathSpring tutoring systems use each other, in order to make a better final product to teach middle school mathematics, capitalizing on the strengths of each other.

Intelligent Pedagogical Agents

We study how embodied characters, or learning companions, can bond with the students to deliver messages that promote motivation and develop self-regulation.​

Learning Technologies for the Developing World

We are interested in Socio-Cultural Differences and how to create low-cost devices that could be immersed in developing countries and bring learning technologies to those in most need

Learning Disabilities

We study how to tailor learning technologies to those who struggle most and need the furthest assistance, with a cognitive psychology perspective that focuses on memory retrieval, executive functioning, and personalized learning.

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Nov 23, 2017

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